Merge Account Records with the same Company Name

Sometimes we can have several Account records with the same company name but different contacts added at different time. These are basically contacts from the same company and we want to put them under one Account record .To combine account records with same Company name but different contacts follow the […]

How to send out a marketing Template as Campaign

Marketing Templates can be sent out to your Accounts and contact list as shown below. Step1 When a marketing template is created it shows up under Marketing Template as a list. The list gives details such as Name, Category, Subject etc. Notice the Name and the Category. Step 2 Now […]

How to add Contacts to a group

Adding contacts to a group is simple On Homepage click on Contacts under marketing. Select the Contacts that needs to be added to the group After selecting the Contacts, click on the group icon on the left hand column. 4. Select the group from the dropdown where you want to add your […]

How to update Credit Card Information

To update your credit card information follow the instructions below.Note: Only the tenant Admin can access or update credit card information.1. On Home page click on All Settings under Settings. 2.  Click on Billing and Invoice details 3.  On this page click on the edit icon to edit your Credit card or […]

How to Add links to a Marketing or Sales template

You can add a link to text or image from your Marketing or Sales template. Follow the steps below. Open the Template that you want to edit. Edit the block where you want to add the link, by clicking on the small pencil icon on the top right corner of the […]

Change User Name or Email

Username or email address of an account cannot be changed from the user settings once created. This is a security measure to protect user data. To change username or email, contact Soffront support with your new username or email details at or submit a case at  

How to add aliases to Emails

To easily add aliases follow these steps.1. From the Soffront home page, go to the Accounts under Sales.2.  Once that opens, Click on the individual record . 3. Click on an email address. An email page will appear. 4.  In the email page, expand the From drop down. Click Verify more email addresses. A […]

Update Account record to automatically update the main contact

Updating contact records separately can be tedious and time consuming.Use parent child field mapping to  update main contact record when its Account record is updated. Parent child field mapping will automatically pull data from the Account record when it is updated and fill in/ update the main child record so that you […]