Setup Parent Child Field Mapping to Auto-Fill Information

Setup parent child field mapping to Autofill field values. This will automatically pull data from the parent record and fill in the child record so that you don’t have to fill in common information all over again. Example: Setup parent child mapping between Accounts ( parent table) and Contacts ( Child […]

Associate notes with the correct Account

In cases where you have Contacts that belong to more than one Account. You may add notes from these contacts to the correct Account via a drop down list. How-To: While adding notes for Contacts linked with more than one company you will see a Linked with option beside Note […]

Apply workflow while Importing data

Apply workflow while importing data.  Earlier you could select and assign workflow to records after they have been imported. Now you can assign workflow to records while importing them. Check how to Prepare your data for import. Follow the steps below to Import data and select a workflow.  From home […]

How to add a Profile photo and/or a Company logo?

To upload a Profile Pic From Home Page, Click on All Settings under Settings module. You will see a section titled Profile. Click on Personal Information. Put your cursor on the image icon. A “Change Photo” box will appear. Click on that box and choose the appropriate .jpg, .gif, or .png file […]

How to Create Advanced Workflows

Workflows allow you to design and customize the CRM process to meet your specific business needs. You can breakdown your business processes into steps/stages and define specific tasks and emails to go out  corresponding to each stage. You can complete the tasks to  advance to the next stage or automate the process. […]

How to Setup Tracking for Twitter

Follow the steps below to Setup Twitter Tracking. The best way to ensure you will get actual tweets logging in Soffront is if you Twitter’s search page and fill search with the form there. Enter your search 2. Once you are satisfied with your search results, copy the search query from […]

Filter all Unsubscribed or Opted out emails

Follow the steps below to create a filter for Unsubscribed  or Opted out emails. On home page under Settings click on Filters. 2. Click on +Add to create a new filter. 3. Select Contact table from the dropdown list. 4. Give your Filter a name 5. Select Email Status from the […]

How to Export all your data from Soffront Online CRM

Export allows you to export information from your CRM to CSV files. You can choose and filter information and export the most relevant data. Follow the steps below to Export all your data from Soffront Online CRM. From Home Screen click on All Settings. Under Data select Export. File Name: Give a name […]

Subscription Details

Follow the steps below to see your Subscription details. Note: Only the Tenant Admin can check Subscription details. On home page click on All Settings under settings. 2. Under Subscription click on Subscription Details. It will give you details of the number of subscription, Next invoice date, Account status etc.