Custom Tables

The ability to build a Custom table in your database is a powerful tool. No two businesses are completely alike. You can create your own custom table to accommodate all your data and cater to your company’s unique business needs. Soffront CRM allows you to create your own Custom Table. […]

Support Groups in Filters (new)

The CRM allows users to create Account or Contact filters using Groups which will allow finding Accounts or Contacts associated with specific Group(s). To achieve this, a new value called Groups has been added within the Field Name drop down list. When the Groups option is selected, it adds a block to specify search […]

Create New Task from Pending Task Page

Follow the steps below to create New Task from Pending task Page Click on Calendar/ Task from Soffront CRM home screen then click on Pending Tasks on the Calendar page. Pending Task page opens. Click on the  icon to create new task. 4. Fill in all the details. Task name: Type in a Task […]

Automated Email Nurturing

Automated Email Nurturing  is a visual drag & drop interface that allows you to build Nurturing or Touch campaign from start to finish with minimum effort.Touch campaign or Nurturing campaign are series of emails sent out to your customers every day or at regularly scheduled intervals. These Campaigns can be sent […]

How to Filter all Unsubscribed & Bounced emails

Follow the steps to create a filter to get a list of all Unsubscribed or Bounced emails. On home screen click on Filters Under Settings. 2. Click on +Add to create a new filter, then select contacts table from the dropdown list. 3.  Give your filter a name then select […]

Convert Contacts to Accounts and Auto map fields.

When you are converting Contacts to Accounts and want to map all the contact fields values to account, Follow the steps below. Step 1:  When you are converting a Contact to Account make sure all the custom fields that you have created for Contact is also present under Accounts database. […]

Delete User

Follow the Steps below to Delete user. Click on all settings under homepage. 2. Click on User under Users and Security. 3. Select a user from the user you want to delete then click on the  icon.   In this case, the monthly subscription amount will be reduced by the user license amount. […]