Outlook – Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Outlook: If Soffront icons are not available in your Outlook toolbar then uninstall the Soffront Outlook add-in from the Windows Control panel and also manually remove following items: Delete the following log files:      Click: Windows Start Button > Type: Run + Enter > In the box type %allusersprofile% > In the […]

Avoid Emails Getting Marked as Spam

Tips to Stay Out of the Spam Folder. 1. Be Compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act If you are sending “any electronic mail message, the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,” then you MUST comply with the following 7 main requirements. […]

Email Flow

Email Flow Below is an overview of the flow for an Email campaign and how to get a log of emails into the CRM. The original email is sent from the Soffront CRM to the customer’s email address. There is an available option on the email composition page. This option […]

Basic CRM Navigation – Controls

Typical Controls Below are the icons and buttons that you will come across within the Soffront CRM while navigating the system.   Setup Allows you to easily customize fields and other related content based on your business needs.   Add Add a new record.  For example, adding a new Contact.  Refresh  Refresh the […]

Lead Scores – Overview video

Lead scoring is an analytical method of ranking your Account leads against a scale. The higher the lead score, the better your chance of converting that lead to a customer.  The scoring of the leads is done based on changes that occur in a record as well as the activities performed […]

Create a new Broadcast Campaign

A Broadcast Campaign is a one time email blast to a selection of Accounts. Using these you can convey special messages such as offers, promotions, events, etc. to a targeted audience. Click on Broadcast Campaign under Marketing from the Home screen to open the Broadcast Campaign page. Follow the steps […]