ActionCoaches connect to your clients through Client Connect

Client Connect is very useful for business/sales consultants and coaches. It allows you to set up your client’s sales process and monitor your client’s activities and reports. Basically is a way to connect to your client’s CRM database. To do that your clients must also be subscribers of Soffront CRM.

The steps below will help you to connect with your clients.

Connect To Your Clients

  1. Go to the detailed view of a client who is also a subscriber of Soffront CRM.
  2. In the blue menu bar, look for More…. Under More, click on the Connect  option.

3.  If the client has already signed up with CRM, they will receive an email to confirm your connection request as shown below. After confirmation, your client will be connected with you.

4.  After your client is connected, you will see additional options under More –Client Workflow, Client Activity Report, Client Conversion Report Client 5Ways Report , Client Forecast Report, and Disconnect.

Click on the links to see your clients workflow and reports.

You can push Leads, Email Templates (Marketing & Sales Template), Workflows and documents to the Connected Clients.

This way you can help your clients by giving suggestions and guiding them to improve their sales process.