Add an attachment to a Marketing Campaign.

To add a file to a campaign you can either attach the file from your computer or add a library link to your email. We recommend using a Library link.

Step1: Add the file or attachment to your Soffront Library.

Step 2:  Add the link to the file to the campaign message.

Why is a link better than an attachment ?

  • Attachments can be viewed suspiciously by both SPAM filters and recipients.
  • Attachments have file size limits, links do not.
  • Attachments can use up a lot of storage. For some email accounts, sent emails will bounce  if the storage is full preventing your message from getting through.
  • Your CRM knows if someone clicked your link.

Now lets see how to add library links to your Marketing Campaign

Step 1: Add the file or attachment to the Soffront Library.

  1. To access your library, from home page click on Library under Settings.

2. Add a new Document

You will be able to upload the following Document type such as :

  • Word
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • All types of documents except .exe, .bat, .sh

Note: The file should be 5MB or less.

  1. To add a new Document to the library click on the + sign or Create Document button

2.  Click on Browse , select a document and then click on upload


3.  The new document will be added to the Document list view page.

Step 2: Add a link of the file to the marketing campaigns.

  1. Open the marketing campaign to which you want to add the attachment.
  2. Edit the block where you want to add the attachment.
  3. Type in the name of the document where you want to add it , highlight it by clicking on the left mouse button then mouseover the text.

4. Then click on the Link icon on the edit toolbox.

5. Click on Browse Server to open Soffront library.

6. Select the document you want to add then click on the link icon.

7. Then click on Ok to add the file to the email.

8. The file will be added as a link to the Marketing template.