Add Contacts through Web Form

Web Forms capture specific information that is entered online by prospective Customers. This information is then used to create Accounts and Contacts . With this new release you will be able to add contacts through Web Forms.

Note: When a contact is added through Accounts Web Form, contacts record is automatically created. When contact is added through Contacts Web Form no Account record is created.

Follow the steps below to add Contacts through Web Form: 

1. Click on Web Form under Marketing

2. Click on Add to create a new Web Form

3. Fill in all information:

  • Table: Select Contacts Table to add customer information under Contacts.
  • Name: By default the name field is Opt-in-Form, but you can change it to something appropriate to your Web Form.
  • Group: Select the group you want to associate this Web Form with. You can choose multiple groups to connect to the Web Form. Leads created through this web form will be added to the selected groups.
  • Or Click on Add a new group to add a new group to the list. Then click on Save.
  • Return URL:  Type in a URL where the form will redirect the submitter after successfully posting the Web Form.
  • Auto Response: Select an Email Template from the drop-down list or create a new Template. This will be used to send an email to the end user who submits their information through this form.
  •  Assign to:  From the drop-down, you can choose a Sales Representative or more then one Sales representative . This will assign all the leads coming in from this form to the selected Sales Representatives. If you choose more then one Sales representative Round Robin assignment will take place. That is the number of leads coming in from the Web Form will be divided equally among the number of sales representative you have chosen.
  • Status: Add status information from the dropdown list.
  • Source:  Source is the webpage where the Web Form is posted. Choose the source from the drop-down list.

Save the Web Form then click on Generate to to generate HTML code that can be copied and pasted to your webpage.