Add link clicked to a Touch Campaign in Automation Designer

Follow the steps below to create a touch campaign with link clicked option.

1.  On home page ,click on Automation Designer under Marketing.

2. Click on +Add  to select  automation template.

3. Mouseover “Start from scratch” template then click on “Use this template

4. Type in a relevant name for your automated campaign. This will help you to search and find the automated campaign later on.

On the left hand side of the Automation Designer page there is a toolbar which contains various Triggers, decisions and actions, these are used to design the desired Marketing or Sales process in the automation designer canvas.

5.  Drag  and drop Touch Campaign on to the canvas, Touch Campaign as well as a block for the first message of that Touch will be added. For the touch campaign you need to provide the Name, choose Group or Filter as Target audience and provide a start date. It will continue to run until the main Automated Campaign record is stopped.

6. For the first Add Touch Mail block, click on the pencil Icon to edit it. Select and add the Marketing template we created earlier from the dropdown list. you don’t need to provide an interval, it executes as per the start date provided for the Touch Campaign.

7. Drag and drop Link Clicked? decision on the Automation designer canvas. Link clicked decision item is used to qualify people by the criteria whether they are clicking on the link provided on a particular email message or not. If you have more than one link on your email message, you can add the link in the box for which you need a yes or no decision.  Link click decision block has two paths under it, Yes and No

8. When you want decision on more than one link attach all the links to the Add Touch Mail box as shown below.

Actions you want to perform after any recipient click on the link provided in the email message or on your website should be added under Yes.

9. Drag and drop Change groups Action on the automation designer canvas. This action can be added in a path only after any decision block event. This action allows you to automatically associate people to a certain group or remove them from a group or move to a new group from the current group.

We want to add the people who clicks on a specific link in one group.

10. In the change Group block click on Add to Group radio button , then select the group from dropdown list to which you want to add the contacts who click on the link. Link change group block to Link clicked by clicking on “Yes” then  attach it to change group.