How to add a New Appointment?

Appointments can be added to an Account or Contact’s detail view as shown below.

Or from the Calendar/Task under Sales.

Follow the steps below to create an Appointment

1. Click on add Appointment to add a new Appointment.

2. Fill in all the details.

  • Subject: Type in a subject for your appointment. for example, Meeting or Follow-up
  • Start date: Click on the Start date field to bring up the calendar. Select a date from the calendar then select time from the drop-down list.


  • End date: Select The End date and time.
  • Status: For a new Appointment, by default status will be Scheduled. You can change the status to Completed or Cancelled when required.
  • Assign To: By default the appointment will be assigned to you. You can assign it to someone else by selecting a user from the drop down list.
  • Reminder: You can set reminders for your appointments through Email or Popup. Select minutes, Hours, days or Week from the drop down the type in the number of Minutes, hours, days or week you want the reminder to show up. You can also set two email or two popup reminders on different time. Or Click on add a reminder to add up to three reminders for your appointment
  • Company: The company name will be added by default, if it doesn’t show up click on the search icon to search and link the Company.
  • Full Name: Once you select the Company, the full name will be added automatically.
  • Send Email: Click on the Envelope icon to send out an email to your contact.
  • Text: Type in a short text or a few details of the appointment.
  • Repeat: Check repeat if it is a repetitive appointment For Example, Company meeting every week on Monday.

      • Start date: select a start date when you when to start the repeat.
      • End date: Select the end date from the calendar.
      • Repeat type: Select how frequently you want to repeat, daily, weekly, monthlyor yearly.
      • Repeat every: Select the number of days, weeks, month or years you want to repeat this appointment.
      • Then click on Save
  • Outlook Sync: Select Yes if you want to sync your appointment with outlook, select Done if your calendar is already synced or click on No if you don’t want to Sync with Outlook.
  • Google Sync: Similar to Outlook select Yes if you want to sync your appointment with Google, select Done if your calendar is already synced or click on No if you don’t want to Sync with Google.
  • Invite Guest: Type in the name of the contact you want to add, then select them from the drop down list.
  • Add a Note: Click on the drop down to select note type. Then type in the note. Note: If you need to change the status or the date of your task, you can add a note to your task and it will be saved under accounts/contacts notes.
  • Then click on Save to add appointment.