Integer fields in web forms

“Allow integer fields in web form” enhancement allows users to include available Integer fields of Accounts in the Web form. For Cases, there are no integer fields available by default.

While creating a new web form, user would be able to select the available integer field from the Name drop down list of the Insert Field dialog. Integer field would be populated in the Name drop down list only if the respective integer field has been already added in the Accounts form.

  1. To add integer field in Web Form click on Web Forms under Marketing.
  2. Click on Create New Web Form.
  3. Click on a field and choose Insert field option from the pop down menu.
  4. In the Insert Field dialog select the available integer field from the Name drop do list.

5. Click “Required” attribute while adding integer type fields in the web form. If required attribute has been                  checked then field label of the integer field would turn red.

Note: You can enter a maximum value of 2147483647 in this field. A warning message will be delivered if you enter more than the maximum value limit.