Auto Response Email when link is clicked

Follow the Steps Below to trigger an auto response email when a link is clicked in an email. We can achieve this result in two ways.

Process One

we will divide Process One in three steps.

Step 1

  1. Create a new Group and name it “Auto Response” (Don’t add any Contacts yet).

 Step 2

Create the auto Response Email as a Touch campaign that will be sent out when the link is clicked.

  1. Create a Auto response Touch Campaign as shown below and select Group as Auto Response.
Step 3
Create the Touch Campaign you want to send out. Add links which when clicked will trigger an auto response email to the person who clicked the link.
  1.  Create the main Touch Campaign and add the links in the body of the campaign.
  2.  Select the group you want to send the email to. ( don’t select auto response group)
  3. Once you have filled in all criterias click on Save to save the campaign
4.  Click on Rules button to setup campaign rules.
  • On Rules page select If criteria as Link Clicked.
  • Click on Change Group tab and then select Add to Group.
  •  From Select Group drop down select “Auto Response“.
  • Then click on Save to save the rules.

Then execute the campaign.

Result of the above Process:
  1. Auto response Campaign is running on Auto Response Group. So anytime a new Contact is added to this group, that contact will receive the auto response email.
  2. A rule has been setup for the main Campaign, whenever a link is clicked, the particular contact will be moved to the group named auto response and an auto response will be sent to the contact.

Process Two

Include a link to your Web Form within the main Campaign. Soffront web form already has built in auto response facility.