Automated Email Capture

Automatically add your Emails as notes in your Soffront CRM and reply to your Contacts directly from the CRM. This is useful when you are using several email accounts to connect with your Contacts. Email Capture Accounts helps you to connect with all your email accounts and add your email conversations as notes for respective contacts in the CRM.

Add notes to your Soffront account directly from several email accounts.

Setup Email Capture Accounts

1. Click on All Settings under Settings

2.  Click on Email Capture Accounts.

3.  Click on Add to add more email accounts.

4.  Enter email address then click on Next

4. Click on Connect to connect your email address to the CRM.

5. Click on Allow.

After you have setup your Email Capture Accounts, when a CRM Contact sends you an email on any of your Email Capture Accounts, The email will be added as Note automatically under the respective Account/Contact in your CRM.

Check captured email and reply directly from the CRM Account/Contact

1. Open a Account record.

  • Click on Reply   to answer your email from the CRM.
  • Click on Reply All  to answer your email from the CRM
  • Click on Forward  to forward your email from the CRM