Can I send out Marketing Campaigns from a different email address other then my account email address?

Yes you can.

You can add new email address and send out marketing email from them even if you have signed into your Soffront account from a different email address.

Follow the steps below:

1.  Open any Marketing Campaign, Choose Verify another email address from the From Email drop-down list.

2.  On  Verify another email address dialog box type in the email address you want to use. Then click on Send Verification Email button.

Verify Email

3.  This will send out a verification email to the added email address. Now you can check your inbox and verify the email address.

4.  Once you have verified your email address from your inbox, go back to the campaign and refresh the From Email drop-down list. Your new email address will be available on the list.

Now you can use the newly added email address to send out your email campaigns.