Capture leads from a Landing Page and nurture

Capture leads from a Landing Page and nurture

We know how to capture leads from a webform and this time we will learn how to Capture it from our new feature LP and then Nurture.

Steps will be very much same. All we will need to do is use the Landing Page  from the left hand side instead of Webform.

Steps : Home > Marketing > Automation Designer > Start from Landing Page

Below is the scenario where user can Capture leads from a Landing Page, (So used landing page should have a FORM embedded) and then start a touch campaign to send email to them and if any recipient clicks any link provided in that email then system would change their group by which users may segregate them in a different section.

Step 1. Drag and drop the Landing page option from the left and select the Landing Page from which you wish to capture Lead.

Step 2. Select the Action ‘Notify’ by which system could notify the defined user when any visitor submitted their details via Landing Page.

Step 3. Now please select the option Touch campaign from the left and define the same Group which has been used in Landing Page FORM.

Step 4. Update the details of the Touch campaign and add message 1.

Step 5. Now, if you wish to track whether anyone is clicking on any available link then you can create a ‘Link Clicked?’ from Decisions section

Step 6. Now you may select different actions based on your business scenario from the left Actions section. Change Group here is an example. And Connect with ‘YES’ of Link Clicked Decisions.