Check how each Group has been used for Marketing Campaigns

Easily check how each group has been used for Broadcast, Touch and A/B campaign.  It helps to connect the dots between groups and marketing campaigns.This way you will not miss sending out a campaign to a particular group.The group detail view will give you a detailed list of all the Marketing campaign it has been used in.

Follow the steps below to See detail view

  1. On home page click on Groups under Settings.
  2. Select and open a group from the list of existing groups.
  3. This will open the Group Detail page as shown below:

  • The left hand blue column displays group information such as, name status etc.
  • Used In is divided into three columns, Touch campaign, Broadcast Campaign and A/B Campaign. Each column displays the name and status of marketing Campaigns sent out to this group.
  • Click on the name of any of the marketing campaign to open them.
  • Accounts and Contacts links on the top left-hand side light blue column will give you the list of all the accounts and contacts in the group.