Configure SPF Records

In order to increase the likelihood that your outbound messages (Broadcast, Touch Campaigns, etc.) are not identified as SPAM you may need to add a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record to your Domain Name System, records. This will help to prove your identity as the sender and improve deliverability of the emails you send. Your domain hosting provider (the organization you purchased your domain from) can help you to add this record.

We recommend adding a SPF record in your DNS (Domain Name System):

  • Create a TXT record in your domain’s DNS provider.
  • If you do not have an existing SPF record
    Add the following SPF record to your domain’s DNS provider:
    v=spf1 ~all
  • If you have an existing SPF statement in your DNS records
    Append the following to your existing SPF statement and move “~all to the end: