Create a new Group

Groups are specific sets of leads or customers who have specific and similar needs. Dividing your leads and customers into groups will help you to cater to their specific needs in a more organized way. You can have one customer added to more than one group. From groups setting you can add, send email, Delete, Print to excel and Print out the list of all groups

Follow the steps to create a new group

  1. To access Groups, from Home screen click on All settings under Settings
  2. Under Marketing click on Groups.

  1. On groups page click on  Add to create a new group.

  1. Fill in all information
  • Name: Assign a name to the group
  • Owner: Owner’s field is pre-populated and cannot be changed.
  • Status: Assign a status to the group, Active or Inactive.
  • Description: Type in a small description which defines the group best.
  1. Click on Save to add the new group to the list.
  2. Refresh the list to see the new group.
  3. On the top of the screen you will find three icons
    • Click on  to Add new groups
    • Click on  to refresh the list after adding or deleting a group
    • Click on  to Setup , which columns will show up on the record view page.

    Click on the check box for any record to display the Actions shortcut menu

    • Click on To edit any record
    • Click on to delete selected record
    • Click on to print all or selected records to excel
    • Click on  to print all or selected records.