Create New Web Form for Accounts

To access Web Forms click on Web Forms under Marketing

1. Click on  to open Create New Web Form page as shown below.

New Web Form

Create Web Form Page

2. Table:  By default Accounts table is selected.

3. Name: By default the name field is Opt-in-Form, but you can change it to something appropriate to your Web Form.

4. Group: Select the group you want to associate this Web Form with. You can choose multiple groups to connect to the Web Form. Accounts created through this web form will be added to the selected groups.

5. Or Click on Add a new group to add a new group to the list. Then click on Save.

6. Return URL:  Type in a URL where the form will redirect the submitter after successfully posting the Web Form.

7. Auto Response: Select an Email Template from the drop-down list or create a new Template. This will be used to send an email to the end user who submits their information through this form.

8. Assign to:  From the drop-down, you can choose a Sales Representative or more then one Sales representative . This will assign all the accounts coming in from this form to the selected Sales Representatives. If you choose more then one Sales representative Round Robin assignment will take place. That is the number of accounts coming in from the Web Form will be divided equally among the number of sales representative you have chosen.

Example: if you have 100 accounts coming in and you have assigned four sales representative, then each sales representative will have 25 accounts assigned to them.

9. Source:  Source is the webpage where the Web Form is posted. Choose the source from the drop-down list.

10. On the Web Form designer page on the left hand panel you will find Color and Fonts.

Using Color and Font you can design the following:

  • Outer Section
  • Form section
  • Header
  • Normal Fields
  • Required Fields

11. On the web form designer page are fields for your Web Form.  You will find First name, Email, Comments and Subscribe to our newsletter fields are added by default. Subscribe to our newsletter cannot be removed.

12. Insert Field

a.  To add field click on an existing field and then click on Insert Field.

b. Insert Field dialog box opens.

  • Name: Select a Field from the drop-down list you want to add. There are 16 defined fields and 8 undefined fields.
  • Label:  The label is populated by default and is same as the name. You can type in a different label if you want to change it.
  • Size: Select a size for the field according to the field you have chosen.
  • Required: Check Required if you want to make it a required field.
  • Click on OK to add the field.

13. Insert Header

  • To add header click on an existing field and then click on Insert Header.
  • Insert header dialog box opens
  • Type in a Label name then click on OK.

14.  To edit Header/Label, select the header you want to edit and then click on Edit from the menu.

15. You can delete all fields by clicking on an existing field and then click on Delete from the menu. There is only one exception, you cannot delete Subscribe to our newsletters field.

16. You can rearrange your field by clicking on the left of the field name. This will allow you to drag and drop to wherever you want to move that field.

17. Click on Save to save all changes. The Alert Dialog box opens as shown below. Click on Ok.

18. After saving the Web Form you will find three new buttons have been added to the page: Generate, Preview and Rules.

Web Form Saved

Create Web Form Page

19. You can click on Preview button to see how the form will look in your webpage after publishing it.

20. Click on Rules to apply Workflow rules to the Web Form.

21. Click on Generate to generate HTML code that can be copied and pasted to your webpage.

22. Click on Close to go back to Web Forms list view page.

22. Then click on Refresh to see the recently added Web Form.

22. You can unpublished a Web Form by checking the box of the Web Form you want to be unpublished and click the  icon on the top left of the Actions shortcut menu.