Creating a task and assigning it to someone else

Follow the steps below to create New Task and assign it to someone else

  1. Click on Task from Soffront Onlinehome screen or click on Pending Tasks on the Calendar page.
  2. Pending Task page opens.

Pending task Page

  1. Click on the  icon to open add task dialog box.
  2. Fill in all the details in the add Task dialog box

Add Task Dialog Box

  • Task name: Type in a Task Name for your appointment. for example : Follow-up
  • Due By: Set a due date or deadline for your task. Click on the Due date field to bring up the calendar. Select a date from the calendar then select time from the drop-down list.

Select Date and Time

  • Status: For a new Task, by default status will be Pending. You can change the status to Completed or Cancelled when required.
  • Reminder: You can set reminders for your appointments through Email or Popup. Select minutes, Hours, days or Week from the dropdown the type in the number of Minutes, hours, days or week you want the reminder to show up. You can also set two email or two popup reminders on different time. Or Click on add a reminder to add up to three reminders for your appointment
  • Company: Type in a company name.
  • Contact: Select a company name. The Contact name will populate only if the selected Company has any linked Contact email ID.
  • Description: Type in a short description or a few details of the Task.
  • Repeat: Check repeat if it is a repetitive Task.

I.    Start date: select a start date when you when to start the repeat.

II.    End date: Select the end date from the calendar.

III.   Repeat type: Select how frequently you want to repeat, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

IV.  Repeat every: Select the number of days, weeks, month or years you want to repeat this appointment.

V.   Then click on Save

  • Owner: Owner is the person who created the task by default it will show your name. But you can choose someone else from the drop-down list and assign it to them
  • Then click on Save to add task.

This is how you can create a task and assign it to someone else.