Basic CRM Navigation – Controls

Typical Controls

Below are the icons and buttons that you will come across within the Soffront CRM while navigating the system.

  •  Setup Setup
    • Allows you to easily customize fields and other related content based on your business needs.
  •   Add
    • Add a new record.  For example, adding a new Contact.
  • Refresh Refresh
    •  Refresh the current tab to get the most updated information.
  •   Page Scrolling
    • A cluster of three buttons with the following functions: scroll page left, scroll page right, and choose the number of records per page.
  •   Breadcrumb links      
    • A secondary set of links that provides filtering capabilities. Breadcrumb links are located in the dark blue bar at the top of a tab.
  •   Customize Child Customize Record Tabs
    • Wherever you see the blue wrench you can create and reorder the tabs within a record.