Custom Tables

The ability to build a Custom table in your database is a powerful tool. No two businesses are completely alike. You can create your own custom table to accommodate all your data and cater to your company’s unique business needs.

Soffront CRM allows you to create your own Custom Table. You can add custom fields to your table or use Soffront’s pre-designed fields. Once you have created your Custom Table you can link it to other tables as well. You can  also add your custom table to a Module for categorization and easy access.

Create a Custom Table

  1. Click on Database under Settings to go to Custom Tables.

2.  Click on the  pencil Icon to give a name to your Custom Table.

3.  Select a Module from the dropdown list to add your Custom Table to that Module. (Your custom table will be added under Marketing, Sales or Services module on your home page.)

4.  Link Other Tables to your Custom table, Click here to start then select tables from the dropdown list. You can select from other existing tables in your database. Data from these tables will be available in your custom table.

5.  Add Custom Fields to your table. You can add custom fields to your Custome table to accommodate all your data

Once you have opened your custom table, Form designer opens up for that table in a new tab where fields are designed in two columns and multiple rows.

Soffront Online Database page

Click on a field before which you want to add your Custom field. Then Select insert to add custom field.

Similarly you can insert fields and header or edit and delete them

Read more in details How to Add Custom Fields.