Dedicated IP Address for Email Marketing

Marketing emails sent through Soffront usually use shared IP addresses. However, if you’d like to completely control your email reputation, we also offer dedicated IP addresses. A dedicated IP is assigned for your exclusive use. Emails sent by you will be exclusively sent from your IP.

When should you use a dedicated IP?

  • If you send out a consistent volume of marketing emails every day.
  • If you like to have complete control over your email reputation. You alone are entirely responsible for the reputation of your dedicated IP.
  • If you want to improve your delivery rate.
  • If you want to authenticate and send the emails as if from your own domain.

What do you get with a dedicated IP?

  • We will assist you in setting up the correct DNS configuration for your dedicated IP. You must have the ability to make changes to your DNS settings, as we will not make changes on your behalf.
  • We will help you to “Warm up” your new dedicated IP. This involves starting with a consistent and low email volume and gradually increasing to a larger volume.
  • We will monitor the reputation of your IP 24×7.

If you’d like to get more information, create a support case.