Why don’t all the Contacts receive my broadcast campaign?

When we execute any broadcast campaign and after a while when we check the result of that campaign, we observe that some of the recipients don’t receive the broadcast campaign through my email blast of CRM. The reason depends upon their Email status.

Before we setup any broadcast campaign for an email blast for any specific Group of contacts in CRM, we need to check their email status because any contact will only receive an email if their Email status is Opted in. If any recipient has their email status as Bad/Bounced/Opted out/Unknown, they won’t receive any email from your email campaign.

So first step would be how to check the email status of contacts in a specific Group.

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Group

3. Open any specific Group and go to Contact list

4. Click on Setup option to change the list view

5. Type in email and select Email status from the list of search result

6. Then click on Save. The steps look like below picture (This is for an example):


After following the above step, It will bring the list of contacts with extra field column of “Email Status” as follows where you will find few of the contacts have their Email status as Opted out & Bounced.



Now In order to change the email status of your contacts from Opted out or Bounced to Opted in, please follow the below step:

Select a record, click on the email drop down list and select Opted-in from the list.


Note : Please do the above step only when you still want to send marketing emails to such contacts.