Edit Marketing Template in Broadcast and Touch Campaign

Once you have setup your Broadcast or Touch campaign you can still make changes to the Template.

Below Subject there is the design section where the email template shows up. This section allows you to edit the text, add pictures , change the template and more.

Follow the steps below to Edit marketing template

1. On the design side you see that each block has a header on the left and a customization tool bar on the right.

  • Clicking on the plus sign in the far left of the customization tool bar allows you to Move your block around.
  • Clicking the pencil icon allows you to Edit things within that block such as font, size, color, etc.
  • You can Copy the block by clicking on the copy Icon.
  • Click on Delete Icon to delete the block.

2. Double-click on any block to open the editing tool bar.  Within the editing tool you have the option to Insert an image, Paste from Word, Insert Table, Special characters, lines and all other standard formatting tools.

3.  Double-click on any block to open the editing tool bar.  Within the editing tool you have the option to insert an image.

  • Put your cursor where you want to add the picture to then click on the Image icon. Click on Browse Server to include any of your images. You can upload a photo or you can select Image Gallery to use one that has been pre-loaded.
  • To adjust the size of your image, click the width and height boxes on the left.

4. To the left you can edit the colors and fonts for each block and add additional blocks. You can define width, background, borders and font for each Block.

5. The Blocks tab allows you to add additional blocks to your template. The additional blocks you can add are Header Image, Article Heading, Article Details, and Footer.

6. On the email template section of the screen click on Source to view the HTML code for the Email template. Use Source only if you are comfortable with HTML or else click on Design tab to go back to the designer page.

  • The following dialog box appears:

  • Click on Ok to open the HTML code. Here you can modify the code to change the template design.
  • Click on Design button to view changes in the design.

7. When you have made all the changes, click on Save to save the changes.