Lead Score Expiration

Lead scoring is an analytical method of ranking your Account leads against a scale. Higher the lead score, better chance you have of converting the lead to a customer. The scoring of the leads is done based on real facts such as Opened email, link clicked on a marketing email, added or removed from a group etc. It gives you an idea of which lead is more active and has a better chance of closing.

The lead can be very active for some time and then become less active or inactive. Lead Score Expiration helps you to set a number of days after which a score expires for a lead. The system calculates and removes the points for scores that have expired.  Therefore Lead Score Expiration on a score helps to maintain a more recent and realistic score for the lead

Follow the steps below to add Expiry date to your Lead Scores

Note: The setup will be available only for tenant admins. In order to set up the lead scoring factors follow the steps given below:

1. Click on All Settings under Settings

2. On settings page click on Lead Scores under Marketing

3. The Lead Scores tab opens up as shown in the image below:

  • Make sure the Status is Active. If the status is Inactive the lead score will not be applicable.
  • Score chart displays the number of stars for each percentage amount. that is if a lead scores 41-60% there will be three blue stars.

4. Click on the plus sign besides Scores to add the scoring factors.

5. Click on the Action drop-down to select the action based on which you want to score the lead. Refer to the image below:


6. After selecting the action you can set the score which you want to add or subtract from the lead based on the action.

7. Then add the number of days after which the Link Clicked score expires. ( Optional)

In the above image, we have selected Link clicked as the action and added 50 points. The score will expire in 30 days ,So, whenever a link is clicked 50 points will be added to the lead, and after 30 days link clicked score will be recalculated.

8. Similarly, you can also opt to subtract some points from a lead based on the action. Refer to the image below:

In the above image, we have set the action as Unsubscribed so if an email is unsubscribed than 20 points will be taken away from the lead. It is optional to add expiration date for all lead scores.

8. Based on some action we have created a set of actions and allotted some points  and expiration dates to them. Refer to the image below:

You will be able to see the expiration as an event in the score history

Go to Account and click on the lead score to see score history

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