FAQs for Soffront ActionCOACH CRM

Welcome to Soffront ActionCOACH CRM. We are delighted that you have become part of our family.

Here are a few things that will help you easily you get started:

How do I access ActionCOACH CRM?

To access the ActionCOACH CRM, go to www.soffront.com. Click on Login.

Enter your login name and password in the spaces provided.

How do I learn more about ActionCOACH CRM?

One logged in, you will see a screen that looks like this.

you can either read our Quick start guide or Watch the Guided tour.

Watch the videos listed above on the left.

You can go back to the videos at a later time from this link:

 All Videos

In addition to the videos, we also have step-by-step directions, which can be found at this link:

How to get started with Soffront 

How do I get help?

If anytime you have a question or need help, please press the Help Button at the top right side of your screen. This will direct you to our help site.

Once you click Help you will see a screen that allows you to view our Knowledge base Articles, Community Forum, User Guide and Contact Support.

You can post your Questions or issue here.

How do I use ActionCOACH Marketing Templates?

Sign into your account then click on Marketing Template.

Then click on +Add to create a new Marketing Template

Here are the ActionCOACH CRM templates:

Here is how you find the ActionCOACH CRM Marketing Templates for you to customize for yourself:

How do I use ActionCOACH CRM images in my campaigns?  

To add images to a campaign

From Home Screen, click Marketing Templates> Click Add to create a new Template> Choose a template.>Then click on the pencil icon to edit .

Then click on Image icon

click on the browser icon to go to Soffront image library

Here is how you find the ActionCOACH images.

Choose an ActionCOACH CRM image then click on insert to add the image to you campaign.

How do I see my Sales Reports?

Here is where you can find your Reports:

Select a report from the blue tab

Additional tips:

1. Workflow  icon:

  • This icon lets you define the sales process of your Client.
  • This opens the Accounts workflow of the Client in a new tab where you can define your client’s Sales process.
  • You can break down your business processes into steps/stages and define specific tasks corresponding to each stage, completion of which allows the process to advance to the next stage