How to Filter all Unsubscribed & Bounced emails

Follow the steps to create a filter to get a list of all Unsubscribed or Bounced emails.

  1. On home screen click on Filters Under Settings.

2. Click on +Add to create a new filter, then select contacts table from the dropdown list.

3.  Give your filter a name then select Email Status from the dropdown list and click on Add.

4. Select  condition from the list. In this case we will select ” Is equal to” as we want to filter all email status which is equal to Opted- Out or Bounced.

5. Then select Opted-out from the second dropdown list as shown above.

6.  You can also add more condition to a field. Click on Add another Condition.

7. Click on Or , as we want to filter Emails which has email status equal to Opted-in or Bounced.

8. Select condition as is equal to  and Bounced from the second dropdown list.

9. Click on Save to create the filter.

10. Click on Setup view to add Email status to your List view.

11. Add Email status to list view then click on save.

12. Click on Run to see the result of your filter.

It will give you the list of all Contacts with email status as Opted-out or Bounced