Forecast Report

The forecast report gives you to forecast report of all the opportunities which can be converted based on the status. The forecast is calculated based on the opportunity workflow probability. Say for example, a workflow has four stages as Open, Qualified, Negotiation and Close. For open probability is 25%, qualified 50%, negotiation 75% and closed 100%. Based on the probability percentage the forecast report is calculated. For example, if an opportunity is of $10000, and it is in the open stage then the forecast is $2500. Similarly, if it is in qualified stage, the forecast is $5000 and so on.

To view the forecast report follow the steps given below:

1. Click Reports under Sales from the home page.

2. Click Forecast Report as shown in the image below:

The Forecast report will look like as shown in the image below:

You can select the timeline, workflow (only in case of multiple workflows) and the user to filter the data of the forecast report from the respective drop downs as shown in the image below:

After selecting you click the  icon to reflect the changes.

The forecast report is displayed based on three criteria as Opportunity workflow, the user and the time frame. So at first it checks the workflow and figures out the stages present in the workflow, then it checks for the user and then the time frame. Now, the forecast report displays all the opportunity stages as columns within the selected time frame for that particular user. You can also click on each individual stage to drill down to view detailed report for that stage. In the report, the total amount of the quarter is showed for each stage right at the top and the columns which are marked as blue displays the total for that month of the quarter.

The report can also be viewed team wise. In the above image, the report is generated for both Pat Miller and John Smith where Pat Miller is the manager and John Smith is the Sales Representative. You can check the report for individual user also as shown in the image below:

You can set a user as manager from the User under Settings. Click on the user whom you want to set as the manager and select the Check if this user is a manager check box as shown in the image below:

Then click on the Sales representative user and set the above user as the manger from the Manager Name drop down as shown in the image below: