How to access ActionCOACH Marketing Templates

Sign into your account then click on Marketing Template under Marketing.

By default Soffront provides few user templates which are available in the Marketing Template manager page under Marketing section.

You can find those templates by clicking on Marketing Templates under Marketing in the home page.

You can use these email templates while communicating with your Leads through individual email or through Campaigns.

If, these existing templates does not cater your purpose then you can create your own templates by the help of our rich library templates.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create new user templates by using available Library templates.

1. Click on Add in the marketing template manager page

2. Template selection page comes up where Soffront provides professional library templates which belongs to different categories, i.e. Greetings, Newsletter, Marketing and Auto Response etc. Apart from these categories we have some ActionCOACH specific categories also and these are:

  • 6 Steps Seminar
  • ActionSTEPS
  • Billionaire in Training Tour
  • Blank Templates
  • Business Excellence Forums
  • GrowthCLUB
  • MasterCLASS
  • Misc
  • ProfitCLUB
  • Sales Process

Soffront provides more than hundreds of professional library templates out of which around 50 templates are ActionCOACH industry specific.

Note: Library templates which are ActionCOACH specific have ActionCOACH as prefix in the name. e.g. ActionCOACH ActionSTEPS and falls under the categories mentioned above.

3. Mouse hover on the desired email template and click on Use this design button.

4. Selected template comes up in the editor where you can customize the selected template and design it according to your need.