How to Add a Task

Tasks can be added to an Account or Contact’s detail view as shown below.

Or from the Calendar/Task under Sales.

Follow the steps below to add a task

  1. Click on Add Task
  2.  Fill in all the details.

  • Task name: Type in a Task Name for your appointment. for example : Follow-up
  • Due By: Set a due date or deadline for your task. Click on the Due date field to bring up the calendar. Select a date from the calendar,then select time from the drop-down list.


  • Status: For a new Task, by default status will be Pending. You can change the status to Completed or Cancelled when required.
  • Reminder: You can set reminders for your appointments through Email or Popup. Select minutes, Hours, days or Week from the drop-down or type in the number of Minutes, hours, days or week you want the reminder to show up. You can also set two email or two pop-up reminders on different time. Or Click on add a reminder to add up to three reminders for your appointment.
  • Company: The company name will be added by default, if it doesn’t show up click on the search icon to search and link the Company.
  • Full Name: Once you select the Company, the full name will be added automatically.
  • Send Email: Click on the Envelope icon to send out an email to your contact.
  • Description: Type in a short description or a few details of the Task.
  • Repeat: Check repeat if it is a repetitive Task.

  • Start date: select a start date when you want to start the repeat.
  • End date: Select the end date from the calendar.
  • Repeat type: Select how frequently you want to repeat, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Repeat every: Select the number of days, weeks, month or years you want to repeat this appointment.
  • Then click on Save.
  • Owner: Owner is the person who created the task or to whom it has been assigned.
  • Add a Note: Click on the drop down to select note type. Then type in the note.

Note: If you need to change the status or the date of your task, you can add a note to your task and it will be saved under accounts/contacts notes.

  • Then click on Save to add task.