How to change the Name and Status of a Workflow

Workflows allow you to design and customize the CRM process to meet your specific business     needs. You can breakdown your business processes into steps/stages and define specific tasks corresponding to each stage, completion of which allows the process to advance to the next stage.This helps to standardize successful processes in your business and optimize poorly performing processes to be successful in the long run.

Change Workflow Name and Status.

1. Click on Workflows under Settings

2.  Select a Workflow to make changes.

3. Change the Workflow name then click on Save.

When a workflow is not in use then you can change the status of a workflow from Active to Inactive. This way you don’t need to delete a workflow, you can keep it as Inactive and then change the Status back to  Active when you need it.

You can change the status of a workflow from two places:

1.  Open a workflow and Change the status from Active to Inactive.


2.  Select a Workflow from the list then click on the  Inactive icon.

Note : To make an workflow Inactive a table must have at-least One active Workflow.

Each workflow is related to a table. ie Accounts workflow is related to Accounts table.

Example: if we want to change the status of Cases workflow to inactive , we need to copy cases  workflow and name it something else and then change the status of cases workflow to inactive?