How to add more fields to your Database Forms

A database is a repository that stores and organizes information. Soffront databases are made up of multiple tables each which contains different fields to store relevant information.  The database is organized in such a way that the CRM can easily find the information you are looking for.

To add more fields to your Database follow the steps below

1.  To go to your Database, click on Database under settings.

Settings Database

2. Then select the Table whose form you want to customize. (For this article we will select Accounts form)

Database Accounts

 3.  Customize Leads/Customers database form shows up.

  • All required fields are marked in Red.
  • You can move a field up and down on the form using  move icon. Mouse Over the field to use move icon.

Add a field to the Database Form

  1. Click on Add Fields on the Quick Add Submit form.
  2. Add Field dialog box shows up.

  • Field Name: Choose desired field as per your requirement from this drop down list.
  • Field Label: By default there is a unique field label for each field but you can modify it as per your requirement. While mentioning the field label makes sure the label is unique.
  • Field Type: For text type  fields, this drop down list has two options; Text and List. For Date type it has two options Date and Date Time. For Float type it has two options Float and Integer. For Integer type it has only Integer option.
  • List Type: This field is enabled only when List option is selected in the Field type field. This drop down list has two options None and Regular List. If Regular list is chosen the List Items button is being enabled automatically, provide values for your regular list using the dialog box which comes up after clicking on the List Items button.
  • Default: Here you can define the default value for that particular field which will comes automatically when the submit form loads.
  • Length: It is the maximum length of characters that will fit into the field.
  • Description: Use this field to add meaningful and sort description for your field.
  • Required: This option allows you to make your field required in the record creation as well as the modification form.
  •  Non Editable: This option allows you to make your field as a non-editable field in the record creation as well as modification form. Please choose the default value for your  field if you are assigning this attribute.
  • Add to this List: This option allows the user to modify the list values in the run time for the list type fields.
  • Phone Field: This option will allow you to use the field for storing numbers.

3.   You can drag and drop your field to your desired location within the form by using the   icon available at the left side of your field. This is available for all fields.

4.  Once you are done click the Save button to make the changes permanent.

Note: There is no limit to the number of fields you can add to the form.