How to use web forms in LeadPages

Soffront allows users to use Soffront Online Webform into the Lead capture applications like LeadPages. To use Soffront Online web form in LeadPages users need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Logs into Soffront Online and go to Webform in the Marketing section.

2. Create a webform and save it.

3. After saving the web form click on Generate button to generate the HTML source code.

4. Click on ‘Without Styles’ button in order to generate the HTML code which can be used in LeadPages.

5. Copy the generated HTML code.

6. Login to your LeadPages account and click on ‘Templates’ to view all the available templates.

7. Select a template that suits your requirements best and click on it.

8. Click the Call to Action (CTA) button.


9. Under Integration settings, select ‘Others’ from the Integrate form with drop down list.

10. Paste the HTML code you have generated earlier in Soffront Online and click on ‘Customize this form’ button.

11. Remove the “Web Form Default” field from the form and click the Okay button. Save the form by saving the template.

12. Now go to LeadPages template and click on the template name.

13. A new dialog comes up with Publish Options in the different applications (LeadPages, WordPress, Facebook, Your Own Server etc. user can choose any one option from there.

If you want to get the preview of the created LeadPage then click on the View Page button to view in a new browser tab.