How to Work with Soffront’s Landing Page Builder


The landing page builder lets you design the page and publish/unpublish the page.

On the left, you’ll see a list of sections that you can add to your page.

Click on a name to expand and see the different available sections. The available sections are –

  • Headers – different formats of heading sections for the page. You will have your main heading, subheading, and call-to-action in this section.
  • Content – different formats of content sections for the page. You will talk about your products or services in this section.
  • Forms – different layouts of lead capture sections.
  • Images – different layouts of images sections.
  • Maps – different layouts of maps and address sections.
  • Navigation – different layouts of navigation menus.
  • Footers – different layouts of footer sections

To add a section to your page, drag and drop it to the right on the page.

How to change a section

Each section will have these four options at the top –

Click the  icon to drag and move the section up and down.

Click the  icon to delete the section.

Click the image-section icon to set/change the background picture of the section.

Click the  icon to set/change the background color of the section.

How to work within a section

Wherever there are images in a section, click the image icon and choose “Select image” to change the image. You can also choose the “No image” option to hide the image.

Wherever there are texts within a section, you can double click on the text to change and format the content.

If you are using a clickthrough landing page, click the icon beside the button to change the button text, the link where it points to and whether the link will open in a new window.

If you are using a squeeze page, click the icon beside the form to design the form.

Add the fields (from CRM) you need to the form, change the field labels, and mark fields as required.

The form will create account and contact records when submitted. Specify the group that the account will be added to, and the source and the initial assignee of the account.

How to manage and publish the page

While designing the page, you can preview the changes by clicking the Preview button.

Save your changes by clicking the Save button.

After you are satisfied with your changes, click the Publish button to publish the page.

Note – If you are changing an already published page, you will have to publish it again after saving your changes.

Expand the publish button to unpublish a page or view the published page.

How to set the landing page URL, SEO, and advanced properties

Click the hamburger ham-lp menu to set the page URL, SEO and other advanced properties.

From the Title & SEO tab, change the page title, meta description whether search engines should index and follow the page.

From the General tab, set a friendly name for the page (this is an internal name to identify the page), and set the page URL. The landing page will published at<your URL>. You can also create a CNAME in your DNS and point it to to use your own domain.

From the Tracking codes tab, add any additional tracking code (such as Google Analytics) that you’d like to use for the landing page.

From the CSS tab, override any default style within the page.