Landing Pages Overview

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page built for a marketing campaign. Instead of directing visitors to your general website from your marketing campaigns, you redirect them to a purpose-built page to entice the visitor to take some action.

Why do you need one? Why not use your website?

Your website is general purposed and focused on your overall brand rather than a specific campaign. It also encourages the visitor to explore and click around different pages. A landing page, on the other hand, is designed for one thing only – to convert the visitor. It has minimal distractions and usually doesn’t include navigation links.

Anatomy of a landing page

A landing page typically includes some or most of these:

  • An attention grabbing headline that is consistent with the messaging of the campaign
  • A subheadline that expands on and complements the main headline
  • A big and prominent call-to-action button or a form
  • A product/service image or video with bullet points highlighting your product or service
  • Customer testimonials as social proof

Types of landing pages

There are two main types of landing pages:

  • Clickthrough page – this landing page has a button or a link as the call-to-action. It is intended as an intermediary between the campaign and the final destination. The goal of this page is met when the visitor clicks the call-to-action and go to the final destination. Example,


  • Lead capture or squeeze page – this landing page is meant to capture visitor information and includes a short form usually with just the name and email address. The goal of this page is met when the visitor submits the form after which the visitor is added to a nurturing campaign. Example,

Soffront supports both clickthrough and lead capture pages.

Soffront Landing Pages

Soffront landing pages are currently in beta. To create and manage landing pages, click the Landing Pages link under Marketing –

Note – The landing pages link will open in a new browser tab. This is to provide the maximum real estate while designing and managing landing pages.

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