Lead Score History Details

Lead scoring is an analytical method of ranking your Account leads against a scale. The higher the lead score, the better your chance of converting that lead to a customer.  The scoring of the leads is done based on changes that occur in a record as well as the activities performed by your leads. Examples of these are: If your lead opened an email or clicked a link. Another example would be if their record in the CRM was added to a group etc. This all serves to give you an idea of which lead is more active and which ones you may have a better chance of closing, in a visual way. Using your lead scoring effectively can mean that you see where your best chances of success are so you can take action sooner.

To see the detailed history  of an Accounts lead score click on the number beside the leadscore.

This will give you details as to how the account scored.

  • Date : Date when the action was taken.
  • Action Name: Action taken, such as as Added to group, Field updated , Status Converted etc.
  • Score: score added for each action
  • Score details: This gives you the detail of the action taken, If the action name is status converted, it will give you details of what status it was converted from to the current status.

How to setup Lead score ?