Marketing Templates

Soffront CRM Marketing Templates allows you to Create professionally designed Email Marketing Templates to attract the attention of your Accounts and Contacts.

You can send them attractive, relevant and targeted messages, which have a higher likelihood of being read. You can build relations with your prospects and clients with minimal effort by automatically sending beautiful Birthday cards, Greeting cards, Newsletters and Auto Responses. Marketing templates are also useful when you are communicating with a group of Contacts or an individual Contact. We have pre-formatted templates for your convenience. You can use them to create both Touch and Broadcast Campaigns.

Note: We have about 60 ActionCOACH templates with new templates being added every month.

Below you will find a video on how to work with Marketing Templates.

Below you can find written directions on how to work with Marketing Templates.

Create a Marketing Template

Click on Add on Marketing Templates list view page to open Create Email Template page as shown below.

  1. On the left hand panel you will find the list of all the available categories. All the categories will be checked by default.  You can uncheck all other categories except the category of the template you want to design.
  2. You can also select the template according to its layout. You can choose from the four available template layout.
  3. On the right hand side you can view a library of templates for that category or layout you have chosen. These templates are pre-formatted industry standard approved for your convenience.
  4. Mouse-over the template you want to choose, You will see two buttons show up
  • Preview button: The preview button lets you get a closer look at the template.
  • Use this Design: The Select button opens the email template designer.

5. Click on the Use This Design button to  open template designer page.

  • Name: Type in a Name for the Email template.
  • Subject: Type in a Subject or use the default subject of the template
  • Active: Make sure the template is active you will not be able to use inactive templates.
  • Personalize : To the right of the Subject line there is the Personalize drop down box. Select the field(s) you would like to use from your contact record. For example if you select the “first name” your email will be sent with the contact’s first name after the Subject.

5. Below Subject there is the design section where the email template shows up. This section is divided into different blocks such as header, article body, footer etc.  Here you can edit the text of the template, add pictures documents and more.

6. To the left you can edit the colors and fonts for each block and add additional blocks from the blocks section. You can define Width, Background, Borders and Font for each Block.

7. Back on the design side you see that each block has a header on the left and a customization tool bar on the right.

  • Clicking on the plus sign in the far left of the customization tool bar allows you to Move your block around.
  • Clicking the pencil icon brings up the editing bar. Within the editing tool you have the option to insert an image, Paste from Word, Insert Table, Special characters, lines and all other standard formatting tools.
  • You can Copy the block by clicking on the copy Icon and create a similar block on the same template.
  • Click on Delete Icon to delete the block

8. After you are satisfied with your template click on  . After saving your changes three new buttons will be available

  • Click on  to create a  similar Template , without making many changes
  • Click on  to check whether the email template is working.

  • Test Email Template dialog box shows up
  • To: Type in your email address or any email address you can access to check that the email is being checked.
  • Check Spam: Find out the probability of this email getting sent to Spam folder
  • Click on Send Email to   the test email address.

Note: Once you enter the test email id it will be remembered in the system for later use even when you log out of the system.

  • Click on  button on top of the page to check the finished look of the Sales template.

You can now use your newly created template for your broadcast or touch campaigns or use them to send emails to individual contacts.


Insert an image

  • Put your cursor where you want to add the picture to then click on the Image icon. Click on Browse Server to include any of your images. You can upload a photo or you can select Image Gallery to use one that has been pre-loaded.
  • To adjust the size of your image, click the width and height boxes on the left.

  • Then click on Ok to add the image to your Template.


In order to insert a link follow the steps given below:

  • Place the cursor on any of the blocks of the template and click the pencil (Edit the block) icon to edit.
  • Click the Link icon to insert a link. Refer to the image below:

Insert link 

  • A new pop-up will appear. Enter the link in the URL text box. Click OK.

Enter link

You can also opt to enter any documents available in the Soffront library as a link within the email template. To do so click the Browse Server button.


Insert a video:

In modern days, videos are more popular than only content. An audio, video communication can earn you more leads and customers and gives you the extra advantage over your customers. Soffront CRM allows you to customize your marketing templates, broadcasts and touch campaigns to embed a YouTube video within the template. In this example, we are using the marketing template. The steps for the other components are same. To do so follow the steps given below:

  • Place the cursor on any of the blocks of the template and click the pencil (Edit the block) icon to edit.

  • The edit bar will appear. Click the YouTube (Insert video from YouTube) icon. Refer to the image below:

  • To get the video URL in YouTube, right click on the video and select Get Video URL. Refer to the images below:

Get video URL

A small box with the video URL will appear. Right click and select Copy to get the URL. Refer to the image below:

Copy video URL

  • Once you copy the URL right click on the Paste a video URL from YouTube text box and select Paste to enter the URL. Then click Fetch.

Paste video link and fetch

  • The video will appear in the Preview box. Click OK to add the video.

Embedded Video

  • You can also opt to change the Width and Height of the video and also add border to the video from the respective text boxes. Please refer to the image below:

Change width and height

Once done the video will appear in the template as shown in the image below: