Managing Sales Templates

Soffront Sales template allows you standardize your Sales communication. It removes the effort of composing frequently sent emails messages such as follow up messages or welcome messages,  hence saving a lot of time.

These are less decorative than Marketing Templates, easier to create and format, giving its readers a feeling of more direct personalized communication.

This is how you can create a Sales Template:

1. On home page click on Sales Template under Settings.

2. Click on Add on Sales Templates

3. Fill in the details on Create Sales Template page as shown below.

  • Name: Type in an appropriate name for the sales template, This will help you to search for the template later on.
  • Make sure the template is Active, you will not be able to use a inactive template.
  • Subject: Type in a relevant subject for your sales template, this will show up on your contacts inbox when you send it out.
  • Personalize: You can personalize the email or subject by selecting an option from the Personalize dropdown menu.
  • Use the toolbar at the top of your page to format the text.

4. Once you are done click on  to save the template.

5. Once you save the template you will find three new buttons appear

6.  Click on  to create a  similar Template , without making many changes

7.  Click on  to check whether the email template is going to SPAM

  • Test Email Template dialog box shows up
  • To: Type in your email address or any email address you want to send this email to.
  • Check Spam: Find out the probability of this email getting sent to Spam folder
  • Click on Send Email.

Note: Once you enter the test email id it will be remembered in the system for later use even when you log out of the system.

8.  Click on  button on top of the page to check the finished look of the Sales template.

Delete Sales Template

  1. Check the Sales template you want to Delete then click on   from the left hand menu.
  2. Delete Dialog box Shows up
  3. Click on Ok to conform message.