Microsoft Outlook Integration

Outlook Installation doc: In order to integrate Soffront SMB with Outlook you need to download the specific Outlook installer from the link provided in the application. To download the installer

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under Integration click on Microsoft Outlook
  3. New tab will come up with 3 installer
  4. Download the appropriate installer you need.

Once you finish the download double click on the downloaded .msi and follow the steps for installation.

Choose the installation folder as per your requirement or leave it as it is. In that case it will install in the default location,

Select “No” if OS is XP otherwise chooses “Yes” so that system reboots automatically after the installation has been completed.

Click on Next,

Installation process started,

Once installation has been completed system reboots automatically.

After installation completes successfully, SF icon will be created in the taskbar.

Now Soffront icons will be available in the Outlook also:

Once installation is done Go to Run  enter %allusersprofile%  Under Soffront Software folder right click on Soffront CRM Outlook Add-In and give the permission of folder to write the debug log.

Troubleshooting tips:

If Soffront icons are not available in the Outlook then uninstall the Soffront Outlook add-inn from the Control panel and also manually remove following things.

Delete log files from following location: Go to Run -> enter %allusersprofile% -> Delete “Soffront Software”

Delete Soffront Software folder from following location:

C:\Program files\

Delete Soffront Software folder from following location:


After everything has been removed from the system, execute .msi file again for fresh installation.

If still icons are not available then, go to application folder in following location:

C:\Program Files\Soffront Software\Soffront CRM Outlook Add-In.

Double click on sfCRM.Outlook.vsto file and follow the steps.