Pipeline Report

The pipeline report allows you to get a report of all the opportunities which are in the pipeline based on the status in a funnel. While picking the Opportunities, Closed Date field has been checked, where closed date falls within the selected time frame.

To view the pipeline report follow the steps given below:

1. Click Reports under Sales from the home page.

2. The Sales Report tab appears. Click Pipeline Report as shown in the image below:

The pipeline report will look like as shown in the image below:

You can select the timeline and the user to filter the data of the pipeline report from the respective drop downs as shown in the image below:

After selecting you click the  icon to reflect the changes.

You can also drill down from the funnel chart. Place the cursor on the funnel chart and click when the tooltip appears. Refer to the image below:

The drill down report will appear in a different tab as shown in the image below: