Prepare data for Import (Microsoft Excel / csv)

First step to import data is to prepare your data. It is very important to identify data issues in your Excel or CSV file, such as incomplete, incorrect, irrelevant, data . These issues must be resolved by replacing or modifying them to avoid redundancies and  import errors.

Note : To import more than 5000 records, we recommend you to split your list into multiple files and import each file separately.

Here are a few suggestions which will help you to prepare your data for import

Open your Excel/ CSV file

  • First row of the Excel or CSV file has to be the Field Names. These are the same Field Names that will be transferred over to Soffront Online CRM.

  • Avoid having blank rows between the rows which contains data. (delete blank rows)

  • You cannot have any special characters in your spreadsheet. Characters like #$%&*+ will cause the Import not to work correctly.
  • Avoid unnecessary formatting of texts in the source file.
  • Keep all your data in the first sheet, avoid having data in multiple sheets
  • Date must be in MM/DD/YYYY format e.g. 12/31/2014

Now your Excel/ CSV file is ready to be imported.