Pushing Email Templates, Documents, and Workflows with Client Connect

Pushing Accounts to Connected Clients

You can push Accounts to Connected Clients from Marketing and Sales Templates.

Push option will appear for single as well as multiple records.

  1. Select Accounts from home page
  2. Select a Lead or multiple leads to push to Connected clients
  3. Click on the  push button from the actions menu.

4.  This will open the Push Accounts to Dialogue Box.

  • This dialogue box contains the list of connected clients or companies.
  • Select the connected company to whom you want to push the record.

 5.  An alert dialogue will appear. Click OK.

6.  Once you have clicked on OK the Lead will be pushed to the selected client.

7.  The client will receive a notification email.

The client needs to click on the link and accept as shown in the image below:

8.  When the client accepts the lead, the leads will be copied to their CRM

9. If they don’t accept, the system will continue to show the message until accepted.