Release Notes (April 9, 2015)

Soffront Inside Gmail (Google Apps)

We are introducing a Soffront gadget within Gmail. You’ll be able to select an email from your inbox or sent items folders and do the following:

  • Associate the email contacts with your leads or customers in CRM. If the email contacts are not yet available in CRM, you’ll be able to add those right from the gadget.
  • Save the email as a note in CRM.
  • Add new notes, tasks, appointments, and opportunities against your CRM leads and customers.


The Soffront Gadget will work with all versions of Google Apps and will be available in the Google Apps Marketplace soon. If you’d like to have early access, please email us at

Import Contacts

Need to warm up your cold contacts? With this release, you’ll be able to import contacts without having to import leads. To import only contacts, select “Contacts” as the Destination in the import screen.


Convert a Contact to a Lead

With this release, you’ll be able to convert a contact to a lead. Simply click the Convert icon and fill in the short form. All necessary information will be carried over from the contact to the lead.


Assign Leads in Round Robin

Distribute new leads equally among your sales reps. With this release, you will be able to assign leads in round robin.

When assigning leads manually:
To assign in round robin, simply select more than one sales rep. The leads will be distributed equally among the selected sales reps.


When assigning leads from a web form:
To assign in round robin,  select more than one sales rep in the Assign To field.


Easier Group Management

You asked and we listened. Before this release, you were adding 200 leads or contacts “at a time” to groups. Now, you’ll be able to add your entire list to a group. To add the entire list to a group, select “All records” in the Add to Groups screen.


Better Target Management in Email Campaigns

Need to quickly review target list of a campaign? Now, you can review the results of a group or a filter right from the broadcast or touch campaign screen. To review, click the view icon beside the target.


You asked and we listened. With this release, you will be able to stop a touch campaign and change the target dynamically. Example, you can change the target from a group to a filter.


Dynamic Task Assignment

Does your process includes multiple users working on the same lead, customer, or project? Example, a customer record may have an assigned sales rep and a support rep. With this release, you will be able to dynamically assign tasks from your workflow to these users. While defining a task from a workflow, you will be able to assign the task to a field like sales rep or support rep.


Additional Options for Issues

With this release, we have added two new options for issues. You’ll be able to assign one more issues to others in the team. You’ll also be able to merge two issues.


More Flexibility in Web Forms

We have made the Return URL and Auto Response optional for web forms. Example, if you do not need to send an auto response email after a form is submitted, you can leave it blank.


Import Users

Need to add users from a directory or external list? With this release, you will be able to import users from a CSV file.

Export Tasks

You’ll be able to export your and your team’s task list to Excel for offline analysis and reporting.