Release Notes (December 24, 2014)

Streamlined Social Campaigns

With this release,  we have streamlined the social campaign workflow and user interface.

  • Create social posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  • Save (as a draft), schedule or post your message immediately.
  • See the results of your posts on one screen.


Support for Google Plus

We have included Google Plus integration into both social campaigns and social feeds.

Social Feed:


Social Campaign:


Check and Remove Duplicates

We have introduced a new tool to find duplicates in contacts and leads/customers. To use the tool, go to All Settings -> Data -> Find Duplicates.

You’ll be able to choose between contacts and leads/customers and find duplicates by the company name or the email in your records.


After finding the duplicates, you will be able to select two at a time and merge those records.


Save Attachments During Email Processing

Earlier this year, we introduced a feature to log your emails automatically in CRM by copying or forwarding an email to With this release, all attachments with your emails will be added to CRM as well.

Assign a Source During Importing Leads

Associate an existing source (or create a new source) when you import leads.


Better Workflow Management

With this release, you will be able to rename your workflows or make an obsolete workflow inactive.

Track Sales Emails

With this release, you will be able to track when your sales email recipients reads your email or clicks a link in the email. A note will be created in CRM against the lead. Also, the sales rep of the lead will be notified automatically.