Release Notes (February 9, 2015)

A Simplified Way to Create New Records

We have reduced the steps needed to create a new lead, customer, contact, opportunity, or a case. You will be able to select a workflow and status along with all other information you need in one screen.

The fields on this form can be added or removed from the Database page.


Cancel a Scheduled Broadcast

With this release, you will be able to cancel a broadcast that has not gone out yet. A cancelled broadcast can be scheduled or executed again.


Search Using Wildcards

We are now supporting wildcards on searches. Use * to substitute text and “” to do an exact phrase match.


  1. Soffront* will look for keywords starting with Soffront.
  2. *Soffront will look for keywords ending with Soffront.
  3. *Soffront* will look for Soffront anywhere within the keyword.
  4. “Soffront CRM” will look for the exact phrase Soffront CRM within the keyword.


Integrate With Other Business Apps Using Zapier

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to connect your online business apps together. With Zapier, you can now integrate Soffront with accounting apps like Quickbooks Online and Xero. For a full list of apps, check out Zapier.

This integration is currently available by invitation only. Contact us at for details.


Schedule Social Messages in Bulk

With this release, you will be able to import and schedule your social campaign messages in bulk from a CSV file.


Post Messages to Facebook Groups

Do you use Facebook groups? Our social campaign now supports Facebook groups. With one click, you will be able to share a message to a Facebook page, post, or a group.

Reduce Spam Using Honeypot

With this release, all our web forms comes with a honeypot to reduce spam. Honeypot is a technique to identify if the web form was submitted by a bot. Going forward, leads submitted by bots will not go into CRM.