Release Notes (June 11, 2015)

Modify Forms on the Fly

With this release, you will be able to modify your forms on the fly when you are adding a record.

To modify a form, click the Customize link beside the Add button in the form.

Note: Only administrators will be able to see this link.


You will be able to:

  • Add new fields
  • Rename the existing fields on the form
  • Drag and reorder the fields
  • Remove fields from the form


Note: You can also modify your forms from Settings -> Database.


New and Redesigned Filters – Create Complex and Highly Accurate Email Targets

You asked and we listened. We have redesigned our filters from the grounds up. With an intuitive interface with expressions and operators, you will be able to create simple-to-complex criteria for your targeted email lists.


Send Meeting Invitations to Contacts and Team Members

With this release, you will be able to send out meeting invitations to your contacts and the other Soffront users in your team. The invitees will be able to accept or decline your invitation and everything will get logged in your CRM calendar.


Choose an Email Template for your Email Campaigns

We have changed the way you select an email template for a broadcast or touch campaign. When you create a new campaign, you will be prompted to select a template. You will be able to continue with the rest of the campaign after you select a template.


You will be able to change the template for an existing campaign using the Change Template button.


Schedule Touch/Drip Messages in Hourly Intervals

Before this release, you were able to schedule touch/drip emails in daily intervals. With this release, you can design your touch/drip campaigns to send out an email hours after the previous email.


Utilize a Common List of Sources Across CRM

We have introduced a common list of marketing sources that will be used across CRM for leads, contacts, and opportunities.

To set it up, go to Settings -> Marketing -> Sources.


You will be able to add, edit, or delete a source from your list.


You get to use the same list of sources when you create a new lead, contact, or opportunity.


Additional Triggers for Marketing Campaign Rules

We have expanded the triggers available for marketing campaigns. Now you can setup follow-up actions when your email recipients opens your email, unsubscribes, and receives the last message in a touch/drip campaign (hint: add them automatically to a new campaign).


Use Responsive Web Forms

We have made our web forms responsive when viewed in a mobile device.

Note: If you are currently using a web form on your website, you will need to generate the embed code one more time.

Easy Options to Close Open Tabs

When you right click on a tab, we have introduced a menu to close all open tabs, or all open tabs except the current tab.


Convert Contacts to Leads in Batches

With this release, you can convert 200 contacts “at a time” to leads. All necessary information will be carried over from the contacts to leads.


Attach Files from your CRM Library to Emails

When you send out a sales email, you will be able to attach a file from your CRM library.


Send Ad-hoc Batch Emails to Leads

Need to send a quick email to more than one leads without setting up a marketing campaign? With this release, you can send batch emails to leads. Simply select the leads you want to email and click the Send Email option.


Import upto 10,000 Records at a Time

You asked and we listened. Before this release, you were able to import 5,000 records “at a time”. Now, you’ll be able to import 10,000 records from a CSV or Excel file.