Release Notes (March 1, 2016)

Accounts Tab (formerly called Leads/Customers)

By popular demand, we have renamed the Leads/Customers tab to “Accounts”.
There are no changes in the functionality. You will find your existing lead and customer records within the Accounts tab.


Enter Information in International Languages

With this release, you will be able to enter information in international languages.
Note: The user interface will continue to be in English.

Create Filters Based on Groups

You asked, we listened. Going forward, you will be able to use groups as a filter condition. You will also be able to use these filters as targets in your marketing campaigns.

To create a filter on groups, add Groups from the list of fields available to the filter.


Use the conditions on groups just the way you can use conditions on fields. Example, to get all accounts that belong to either a “CRM Tips Subscribers” group or a “Newsletter Subscribers” group, you would use:


Automatically Convert Accounts and Opportunities

We have introduced an option to automatically convert account or opportunities to the next stage when all the tasks of the current stage are done.

For each stage in your workflow, you will be able to  choose whether you want to convert it to the next stage manually or automatically.


If you choose the manual option, you will manually convert the record after the tasks are done.

If you choose the automatic option, as soon as all the tasks defined for that stage are done, the record will automatically move to the next stage and the tasks for that stage will be scheduled.

Add a Custom Note and Update Contacts While Converting an Account

With this release, when you manually convert an account, you will be able to add a custom note and update the associated contact’s status with the current stage of the account.


Your custom note will be appended to the default note added by Soffront to log the conversion.


Let Your Users Customize Their Home Page

In 2015, we had introduced the ability for the administrator to customize the Soffront home page for all users and add shortcuts to the Marketing, Sales, and Service columns. With this release, the users will be able to add shortcuts to their own home page.

To customize, users will need to click the icon above any of these columns and click the plus icon.


Users will also be able to drag and reorder the items under the Marketing, Sales, and Service columns.

Unclutter the List of Notes When you Bring up a Record

When you bring up a record such as an account or a contact, do you often see too many notes? With this release, you will be able to perform universal searches on notes and we will remember your last search.

Example, if you prefer to see only certain note types, you will need to search for those note types (separate multiple values with a comma). The next time you bring up a record, we will automatically show you notes of only those types.


We will remember your last five searches so that you can easily switch between different types of notes.


Capture Contacts Using Web Forms

You can choose contacts as an option in web forms along with accounts and cases. If you choose contacts, the web form will create a contact record without any associated account record.