Release Notes (May 27, 2016)

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Track Website Visits

Track website visits by your CRM contacts and other  anonymous visitors (those who are not identifiable as CRM contacts).

To get started, click Website Tracking under the Marketing section on your home page and follow the on-screen directions.


This feature provides comprehensive analytics on the visitors coming to your website, where are the coming from, how much time they are spending on your website, which pages are converting, and more.


You can start automated campaigns based on website visits. Example, when a contact visits your pricing page, you can notify the sales person and add them to a more targeted marketing group.


When you bring up account or contact records, you can see all their website activities under notes.


You can define lead scoring rules based on website visits. Example, if a contact visits your pricing page, you can assign a score.


Improved Marketing Automation Designer

We have introduced several useful enhancements to our marketing automation designer.

When you create a new automated campaign, you can create it from a template or build a campaign from scratch. We will add new and useful templates every month.


If you have more than one link in a touch campaign email, you can now have separate “Link Clicked?” conditions for each link.


When a touch campaign recipient opens your email or clicks a link, you can now send a one-off email as a follow-up. You can choose to send it immediately or send it after a predetermined time.


You can delay sending a touch campaign by specifying an interval for the first message of the campaign.


You can make decisions based on whether a lead has crossed a certain score threshold.


Automatically Capture Emails From Gmail and

Capture inbound emails automatically from Gmail/Google Apps and You can capture emails from more than one email account.

To get started, go to Settings -> Profile -> Email Capture Accounts -> New and follow the on-screen directions.


The emails that are captured automatically are added as notes against the appropriate account and contact records. You will be able to “reply”, “reply to all”, and “forward” the emails from the notes.


Improved Task and Appointment Operations

When you bring up an account record, you will be able to see both tasks and appointments that are pending on the right-hand section.


When you edit a task or appointment, you will be able to add an optional note.


Use an International Currency as the Default Currency

You can use any international currency as the default currency in CRM.

To set it up, go to Settings -> Customization -> Corporate Currency.


The currency you select as your corporate currency will be used throughout CRM wherever a currency is displayed. In this example, Euro was selected as the corporate currency:


Share a Broadcast Campaign in Social Media

When you execute or schedule an email broadcast campaign, you can optionally share it in social media.


Personalize the Child Tabs When You Bring Up a Record

Before this release, only the administrator could setup the child tabs of a record for all the users. With this release, users will be able to setup their own child tabs when they being up a record.


Copy Existing Web Forms

With this release, you can copy an existing web form while creating a new form.