Release Notes (November 6, 2014)

Bring the “Relationship” Back Into CRM

We are introducing an exciting new feature. With this release, you will be able to specify how your leads and customers relate to each other. For example, if one of your leads referred another, you’ll be able to specify a relation to log who were the referrer and referee.

A) To use this feature, add the type of relations that are relevant for your business. Add these from All Settings -> Customization -> Relations.


B) Next, add the Relationships tab to Leads/Customers.


C) To relate two leads, start with one of them -> go to the Relationships tab -> click the Add button. Find the other lead by searching for it’s name.


D) Pick the relations for each lead. Since a lead can relate in more than one ways, you can select more than one relations for each. In this example, ABC LLC is BCD Corp’s accountant and contractor, whereas BCD Corp. is ABC LLC’s client.


E) The relations will be visible from both the leads.

relations6 relations7

Integrate with LinkedIn

We now offer LinkedIn integration with the following:

A) When you send out a social campaign, you can post it to LinkedIn along with Facebook and Twitter.


B) You can see the LinkedIn profile and updates of a lead or contact, right within CRM. Simply bring up the lead or contact record and click the Linked icon.


Use Multiple Facebook Pages

If you have multiple Facebook pages, with this release, you will be able to select a page for your social campaigns. For example, you can post an update to your business page instead of your personal page.

Use Email Addresses to Check for Duplicates

By popular demand, we have changed how we look for duplicates in leads and customers. Instead of the company name, going forward, we would use their email address to check for duplicates.

Notify When You Assign Tasks to Others

With this release, when you assign a task to another member of your team, they will be notified automatically.

Outlook Compliant Emails

We have made our pre-built templates compliant with 2003 and above. If you see a mismatch in the design in Outlook, please contact us at

Convenient Email Interaction History

When your contact clicks a link, we capture that in our marketing reports. With this release, we would be logging that activity as a note against the lead or contact record. When you pull up a lead or contact record, you will be able to see the full history of their interactions with your marketing emails.