Release Notes (October 20, 2015)

Focus on the right leads with lead scoring

With this release, we are introducing lead scoring. Soffront would score your leads automatically so that you can focus on leads that are warmer/hotter with a better chance of conversion.

You would be able to setup the criteria on how your leads are scored from All Settings -> Marketing -> Lead Scores. Your criteria can be based on how your leads interact with your marketing emails, other marketing activities,  and inputs from sales.

lead scoring

Based on your scoring criteria, Soffront will automatically assign scores to your leads. Your sales team will be able to sort by and focus on the higher scored leads.


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Add shortcuts to your home page

You asked, we listened. With this release, you will be able to customize your home page and add shortcuts to the Marketing, Sales, and Service columns.

To customize, click the icon above any of these columns and click the plus icon. At this time, you can only add filters to the home page – we will provide more shortcuts in the near future.


You would also be able to drag and reorder the items under the Marketing, Sales, and Service columns.

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Automatically get your last used tabs

We will now remember the tabs that were open when you signed out of Soffront . The next time you sign into Soffront, we will open those tabs automatically for you. This would be a time saver if you typically work with the same tabs and need to open those every time you sign in.

Improved de-duplication options during import

We have enhanced the de-duplicate options during import. You can now check for duplicate records by email address and/or by company name.

We have also added an option to update the existing record if a duplicate is found. This option would update the first record if more than one existing record is found.

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Log emails in Soffront from multiple email addresses

Before this release, you could only use your primary Soffront email to log emails  into Soffront using Now you can add multiple email addresses, forward/bcc emails from those addresses and seamlessly log those under your Soffront account.


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Today button in date picker

We have added a Today button in our date picker as a handy shortcut to the current date.

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Setup a different view for each filter

With this release, you will be able to setup a different view for each filter.

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